If you own an older two story house you may be experiencing a dilemma trying to provide  even cooling comfort throughout your home.  Many times forced to create  uncomfortably cold temperatures to the main living area in an attempt to provide adequate relief to the second floor. Coincidentally where more times than not the bedrooms are located.

Unique Renovations offers a cost effective solution. Install a roof top or gable mount “Power Attic Ventilator”.  Not only will it help provide heat relief by forcibly removing trapped heat in the attic, resulting in more consistent temperatures in your home and reduce the run time of your cooling unit. It also helps extend your roof and shingle life. Also making your home a safer environment by reducing the risk of mold and mildew .

typically installs average approx. $750.00. Which includes a 1,600 cfm. thermostat operated unit. for attic up to 3,200 sq. ft.  Price consists of a material allowance of $150.00 and eight hours of labor.

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