Unique Renovations practices and promotes Green Remodeling methods and materials with focus on Energy Efficiency, Resource Conservation, and Indoor Air Quality. Combining the look, strength, and feel of traditional framing methods with the protection offered by today’s limited panel systems, and all at competitive pricing.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard that finishing your basement is the most cost effective way to add habitable space for your family. At the same time increasing the value and marketability of your home, and that an investment in your home is a safe investment even in down economic times. Whatever you believe or reason for remodeling your basement. You can rest assured that our signature metal stud wall framing is the correct way to finish any basement project. Our wall framing technique is also time tested; we have installed and improved upon it for over a decade. Below is a list of benefits gained by the use of  metal stud framing vs the traditional wood framing of old.

Metal Stud Framing Advantages VS. Traditional Wood Framing:

  • Competitive Pricing  – equivalent to traditional wood framing
  • Water Resistant – will not rot, minimizing the risk of damage due to water damage and protecting your investment
  • Inhibits Mold Growth – protecting the air quality throughout your home
  • Structural Soundness – will not warp or twist, eliminates nail poppers
  • Pre-Punched – saves time and money which optimizes productivity and lowers labor cost
  • Less Waste – ensures a cleaner and safer work site, lowers clean up costs, and can be recycled
  • Flexible – withstands normal structural movement while maintaining rigidity and strength
  • Efficiency Versus Modular Panel Systems – much less costly and far more flexible in color and design options
  • Environmentally Friendly – metal stud wall assembly protects our valuable renewable resource’s
  • Metal Stud Wall Framing – offers strength comparable to traditional wood framing